Ambari Ply

At Ambari ply, we use a number of thin veneers or plies of soft wood or hardwood glued together to manufacture the final product which we are proud to name as katen ply. There are always an odd number of veneers and each ply is at a right angle to the one below, this gives the material its strength and durability.

The more veneers used, the stronger the plywood becomes. But the finish quality of plywood varies considerably. Some plywoods have attractive grains while others may contain knots.

Hence the type of glue & veneers used determine the suitability of a sheet for a particular application.

The grade of these types of plywood is determined by the kind of veneer(A,B,C or D) used for the face and back of panel and by the type of glue used. At Katen ply, we use only 'A' grade veneers to present to you the best quality of plywoods Block Boards,doors & veneers.

Ambari ply, plywoods are available in standard thickness & sizes. These plywoods are suitable for interior use and concrete forms only, like wall and roof sheathing, flooring, box beams, paneling and shelving doors, furniture, cabinets and other such items. There are 2 basic types of plywood:

  • Exterior Plywood
  • Interior Plywood

Exterior plywood is bonded with waterproof glues, which can be exposed to the external weather conditions and moisture.

While, Interior plywood is bonded with glues that are not waterproof. It is used only for cabinets and other indoor constructions where the moisture content of the panels will not exceed 20%.

Has Neem with face. MR, BWR, Standards Sizes & thickness.



katen ply Block Board is an engineered wooden board that consists of a core of pine wood blocks (Strips) lined edge to edge and sandwiched between layers of dipterocarpus spp(gurjan)/pine wood veneer on either side.

These boards have good dimensional stability & exhibit high resistant to twisting. A better ability to hold nails & screws, with proper finishing such as gluing laminates on its surface. Available in standard sizes & thickness, 18 mm & 19 mm, in 8x4 and 7x4 feet sheets.

Grades of these plywoods can vary based on veneer types (A, B, C or D), their use on face and back of panel, and the glue used. At Katyayani, we use A grade veneers for ambari ply to provide best quality blockboards, plywoods and doors.

BWP IS:710 Plywood

When the purpose of plywood is to be resistant towards humidity and moisture, marine plywoods come handy due to their ability to prevent water from trapped inside due to fiber and the glue used. We use marandi and gourmand woods to give durability to our ambari ply marine plywoods.

Our Marine plywoods with IS:710 standards in terms of plywood density, bond strength, resistance to impacts & surface finish characteristics. We make sure that A Bond glue is used to manufacture plywoods of standard sizes and thicknesses.


BWR plywood and blockboards include increased stability, high impact resistance, surface dimensional stability, high strength to weight ratio panel sheer as well as chemical resistance.

Ambari ply BWR grade is generally denoted as an assemblage of birch wood and gourmand veneers bonded together to produce a flat sheet.


Our commercial grade MR Plywoods are manufactured from pine and eucalyptus woods. These plywoods are made of structural high performance panels glued together by low-formaldehyde emitting resins. In all our products we ensure that voids do not creep in between panels thus enhancing their life.

IS303 Ambari Block Board

Neem Core with pine Blocks And Gurjan face veneer.

BWP and MR Grade Standard Sizes & Thickness.