Katen Ply

We at Katen Ply use grade ‘A’ veneers in the front and back panel of the ply thus resulting in the finest quality of plywood blocks boards, doors & veneers. Katen Ply is strong and one of the most durable interior plywood available in the market as it is made with marine grade plywood that makes it moisture resistant and able to withstand great wear and tear.

Selected thin and soft hardwood veneers are bonded with glue using preservation glue-line technique (PGL) that results in the final product - " Katen Ply ". Multiple layers of veneers and ply are placed at a right angle one below the other. This makes it safe from wood borers and termites. It also helps strengthen products and makes it a fine quality durable ply.

Katen Ply plywood is available in standard thickness and in different sizes. This plywood is suitable for interiors, constructing concrete forms like wall and roof sheathing, flooring, box beams, paneling and shelving doors, furniture, cabinets, and other such items.

Warranty Card

* Warranty Return Policy

We will get you set up with a return for either a full refund or on exchange simple.

  • Call ware house No: 080 23654445 prior provide consumer details with following
  • Name on the order form or bill
  • Order date / Bill date
  • Name of the Dealer/Distributor
  • Name of the item you wish to return
  • Reason for return
Important Qulifiers
  • All item must be returned in their original condition including the bill of warranty. Return policy may be returned or returned to buyers if any of these condition are not met
  • Buyers are responsible for return shipping charges
  • We reserve the right to charge a 50% restocking fee to product arriving in cut or used.
  • Katen ply offers a product guarantee extending period of 20 years from the date of delivery.
  • The extent of the guarantee is limited to defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of 20 years from the date of delivery by authorized distributors/dealers subject to following conditions.
  • The product must be used and maintained in accordance with the relevant Indian standard and product recommendation.
  • The product has not seen subject to misuse , abuse, or rejected. Warranty related claim are required to be forwarded to company in writing within 72 hrs of the product defect.
  • All such claims are to be investigated and proved by Katen Ply representative / service technician.

Katen Ply all product are fully granted against borer, term are defect in manufactures and craftsmanship for the life time of the ply to original owner. Katen ply will repair or replace any product found to be defective. Katen ply does not replace additional interior work done or damaged hardware.



Katen ply Block Board is an engineered wooden board that consists of a core made up of pine wood blocks (Strips) that is lined edge to edge and sandwiched between layers of dipterocarpus spp(gurjan)/pine wood veneer on either side.

These boards have good dimensional stability & exhibit high resistant to twisting. A better ability to hold nails & screws, with proper finishing such as gluing laminates on its surface. Available in standard sizes & thickness.

Grades of these plywoods can vary based on veneer types (A, B, C or D), their use on face and back of panel, and the glue used. At Katyayani, we use A grade veneers for katen ply to provide best quality blockboards, plywoods and doors.

BWP IS:710 Plywood

BWP is our marine plywood with IS:710 standards. The plywood is resistant to humidity, moisture, and marine organisms. Marine grade plywood is handy due to their ability to resist water because of the fiber and glue that is used.

Marine grade plywood is premium quality plywood that has been made from species selected especially for their density, bond strength; impact resistant and surface finish characteristics. This is why we use Marandi and Gourmand wood that provides durability to the plywood.

Sheets are available in standard size.


BWR plywood is of IS: 303 standard. BWR plywood is strong, resistant to impact, chemical & water, high quality, thick and dimensionally stable block boards. Katen Ply BWR plywood is an ensemble of Birch and Gourmand veneers bonded together to manufacture a strong flat sheet.


Our MR grade plywood and block board is a sustainable plywood product derived from poplar/pine wood and eucalyptus.

Katen Ply MR grade ply and boards are made of structural high performance panels, bonded with low emitting formaldehyde resin.

The panels are made with machine composed core and generally free from voids inside the panel to gurantee the best performance value.