Katen Ply

Selected thin and soft hardwood veneers are bonded with glue using preservation glue-line technique (PGL) results in the final product which we are proud to introduce to you as “KATEN PLY”. The multiple layers of veneers and ply placed at the right angle one below the other makes it safe from wood borers and termites. Also it strengthens our product and makes it a fine quality durable ply.

The finishing of the product depends on the type of veneers and ply used. Hence some plywood has attractive grains while others may have knots. Thus the quality of glue and veneers used defines the fine quality of our end product.

Hence the type of glue & veneers used determine the suitability of a sheet for a particular application.

The veneers are categorized as A, B, C & D grades. We at Katen Ply use grade A veneers for front and back panel of ply thus resulting in finest quality of plywood Blocks Boards, Doors & Veneers.

Katen Ply plywood is available with standard thickness and in sizes. This plywood is suitable for interiors, constructing concrete forms like wall and roof sheathing, flooring, box beams, paneling and shelving doors, furniture, cabinets and other such items. The 2 basic type of plywood are:

  • Exterior plywood: Bonded with waterproof glue which can be exposed to external weather conditions.
  • Interior plywood: Bonded with non-waterproof glue used for interiors only

Exterior plywood is bonded with waterproof glues, which can be exposed to the external weather conditions and moisture.

While, Interior plywood is bonded with glues that are not waterproof. It is used only for cabinets and other indoor constructions where the moisture content of the panels will not exceed 20%.



katen ply Block Board is an engineered wooden board that consists of a core of pine wood blocks (Strips) lined edge to edge and sandwiched between layers of dipterocarpus spp(gurjan)/pine wood veneer on either side.

These boards have good dimensional stability & exhibit high resistant to twisting. A better ability to hold nails & screws, with proper finishing such as gluing laminates on its surface. Available in standard sizes & thickness, 18 mm & 19 mm, in 8x4 and 7x4 feet sheets.

Grades of these plywoods can vary based on veneer types (A, B, C or D), their use on face and back of panel, and the glue used. At Katyayani, we use A grade veneers for katen ply to provide best quality blockboards, plywoods and doors.

BWP IS:710 Plywood

BWP is our marine plywood with ISO:710 standards. This plywood is resistant to humidity, moisture and marine organisms. Marine plywood is handy due to their ability to resist water because of fiber and glue used

We use Marandi and Gourmand woods to give durability to our Katen Ply marine plywood. Our marine plywood meets the standards in terms of density, strength, resistance, reliability and durability. Marine plywood has fine surface and is impact resistant.


BWR plywood is IS:3 03 standard. BWR plywood are strong, resistant to impact, chemical &water, high quality, thick and dimensionally stable block boards. Katen Ply BWR plywood is an ensemble of Birch and Gourmand veneers bonded together to manufacture a strong flat sheet.


MR plywood is IS:303 standard. MR plywood is strong, durable and resistant to moisture & humidity. They are the perfect ensemble of pine and eucalyptus wood. This plywood is made of structural high performance panels bonded together with low-formaldehyde emitting resins.