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BWP Plywoods at Katyayani

katen ply Block Board is an engineered wooden board that consists of a core of pine wood blocks (Strips) lined edge to edge and sandwiched between layers of dipterocarpus spp(gurjan)/pine wood veneer on either side.

Block Boards are different compared to Plywoods in the type of material used and their usage. As they are made of core consisting pine wood blocks covered on both sides by gurjan (dipterocarpus spp)/ plywood veneers, they do not bend with time as plywoods do. Hence they are used for doors, long cupboards, shelves, etc. Their quality depends on the kind of materials used such as - veneers (A, B, C or D), wood blocks, glue and the finishing.

At Katyayani we use ‘A’ grade veneers for katen ply blockboards that helps keep their structural shape for years to go. They are resistant to twisting and hold nails/screws properly so that veneers do not give away easily. We have blockboards available in these standard sized sheets - 18 mm & 19 mm in 8x4 and 7x4 ft sheets.