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Marine Plywoods at Katyayani

When the purpose of plywood is to be resistant towards humidity and moisture, marine plywoods come handy due to their ability to prevent water from getting trapped inside due to fiber and the glue used. We use marandi and gourmand woods to give durability to our katen ply marine plywoods.

Our Marine plywoods with IS:710 standards in terms of plywood density, bond strength, resistance to impacts & surface finish characteristics. We make sure that A Bond glue is used to manufacture plywoods of standard sizes and thicknesses.

Boiling Water Proof (BWP) boards are also available. Being made of solid pine wooden blocks sandwiched between wooden veneers, blockboards sustain their surface dimension well compared to plywoods. Sometimes blockboards may fail due to the quality of materials used or usage. katen ply BWP boards are made with good quality woods and veneers that help blockboards maintain their shape for longer time.