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  • MR Block board  also known as IS: 1659 grade.
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MR Plywoods at Katyayani

Our commercial grade MR Plywoods are manufactured from BIRCH veneers and eucalyptus woods. These plywoods are made of structural high performance panels glued together by low-formaldehyde emitting resins. In all our products we ensure that voids do not creep in between panels thus enhancing their life.

Moisture Resistant (MR) plywood is borer and termite resistant and hence suitable for indoor use such as living, office and bed room. MR plywood is prepared using synthetic adhesive that has low toxic emission.

MR grade ply is a sustainable plywood product derived from high grown pine wood and eucalyptus tree grown and cultivated in Uruguay and Meghalaya. MR ply is made of structural high performance panel bonded with low emitting formaldehyde resin. The panel made is machine composed & come free from voids inside to guarantee the best performer value BIRCH Veneer.